Осветление за дискотека

Осветление за дискотека
LED ефект The Led Matrix-4 LED features 4 high brightness red, green, blue and white LED's clus..
Светлинен ефект - Simulated Gobo Effect - interchangeable Gobo (26mm, 20mm viewable) - 2 Modes (con..
95,00лв. 60,00лв.
Светлинен ефект Hybrid high performance mobile DMX color spot & gobo projector in one with a ..
270,00лв. 170,00лв.
15 gobo\'s • 10 Watt LED light source Светлинен ефект Plug and play • Auto, Static or Sound mode The..
290,00лв. 212,00лв.
Светлинен ефект ,ефектно осветление  2x 9-watt 3-in-1 RGB TRI Color LEDs produces a variety ..
265,00лв. 170,00лв.
Последна бройка! •A unique 3D effect that projects 12 impressive 3D patterns •Comes with ..
247,00лв. 147,00лв.
Plug and play water effect • Manual focus Светлинен ефект 10W LED Light source • Strong light output..
290,00лв. 222,00лв.
Светлинен ефект - 120W Power Supply: AC 230V, 50/60Hz Color Wheel: 13 + open Lamp: 2R 120W Beam a..
1 212,00лв.
Последни бройки! Sound activated, multicoloured gobo flower •18 gobos, including 6 multi colou..
179,00лв. 120,00лв.
LED ефект - 19 x 15W RGBW WASH moving head with 8-50° zoom feature, based on high-quality Osram..
1 800,00лв.
LED ефект 120W This LED MOVING HEAD 120W SPOT applied advanced design and processing technique, Thi..
1 472,00лв.
Последни бройки! Performant scanner with unlimited possibilities Control: 5 DMX-channels or with sm..
474,00лв. 290,00лв.
Светлинен LED PAR ефект Stylish RGB PAR56 LED-projector containing 212 high-power 5mm LEDs (70 red ..
Strobe FL-1500 DMX Светлинен ефект-блиц Блиц светлини, от качествено предложение за светлинен ефект..